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About Us

About Us

In Spring of 2013 for the first time ever, Dixon fielded a team for the Little League Challenger Division. A group of children, many of whom a baseball diamond had been off-limits due to cognitive or physical disability, realized their dream of participating in a team sport.

However, they were not in it alone. Each child was assisted by a buddy, carefully matched with the player to help encourage them and keep them safe while also allowing them to be as independant as possible.

These buddies, remarkable young men and woman set an example on that field for their peers, as each buddy gave endless time, understanding, and patience to give this special team of Little Leaguers their chance to shine.

The response from the public was explosive. Parents realized that they, too, had found a new community to connect with, and rejoiced at an outlet for their special needs children they never knew existed. The seed was planted within this small new community that would help foster the growth of a more tolerant and understanding community, one where standing beside a friend to make the impossible a possibility would be something FUN and rewarding for all.

Those of us personally involved in that Challengers Little League team knew we could not let the end of the baseball season be the end of our work, and this wonderful new community, and so T.E.A.M Dixon was born.

T.E.A.M Dixon believes that its the ABILITY that really matters with these children, and that by working together with other buddies, family members, and community partners we can overcome some of the challenges these children face and break down the barriers that have limited access to sports and community activities.

Mission/ Vision Statement

Team Dixon exists to:

Build a bridge between challenge and opportunity by offering a variety of social experiences for children and teens with special needs so they can gain confidence and participate in supported activities in a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible environment.

Provide a platform/opportunity for junior high and high school youth who desire to be the kind of giving, big-hearted, community servants that seek to make a difference in their world.

Increase awareness, understanding, and the enthusiastic embrace of children with special needs by the general population through advocacy & community partnerships.

Allow organic generation of a community of support, empathy, and connection among parents, breaking down the barriers of isolation that frequently exists in the world of caring for kids with special needs.